Spell Force 2: Demons Of The Past Expansion Gets Delayed

In order to "ensure a fully formed gaming experience", Nordic Games has revealed that the release date for the final downloadable content for Spell Force 2 will be pushed out to January 16th of next year. The expansion is titled Spell Force 2: Demons of the Past.

Nordic had dropped a release date of October 24th just last month, but are now saying that the delay pushing the game into January is due to the addition of multiplayer features. The game will offer will be featuring the free game mode, where the single player campaign can be played cooperatively, and a new survival mode.

"We had the choice to either release the single player part first, then follow-up with the new multiplayer modes later, or release it all in one go. We opted for the latter," said Gennaro Giani, Localization and Production Manager at Nordic Games.

Spell Force 2: Demons of the Past is the final expansion for the game and will now be released on January 16th, 2014 for Windows PC.