Sony Applies For Patent To Block Second Hand Disk Market

In a patent application filed by Sony Computer Entertainment, Japan, they have come up with a method to eliminate or restrict the usage of disk media by tying the disk to a machine and user ID. The patent directly refers to the second hand market and developer's loss of income from it.

The method described in the patent uses an RF tag in the disk that would have a user ID and machine ID written to it when first inserted. Once written to, a "accept or denial" system would determine whether the disk content could be accessed on a particular machine.

There is also mention of temporary use limitations that could be written into the tag and also restriction specifically for second hand sales of the items.

Whether the patent will be approved (it's likely knowing the USPTO) or what they will use it for is anyone's guess, but given their statements within the patent application on how developers are losing profits from second hand sales it's a pretty safe bet that we will see the tech in an upcoming console device.

You can view the patent in its entirety here.