Tower Defense Game "Steampunk Towers" Now On App Store

Publisher Chillingo, a subsidiary of Electronic Arts, has announced that the tower defense game Steampunk Towers is now available on Apple's App Store for the low price o $0.99 (£0.69). The popular tower defense game was developed by DreamGate Studios.

In the game players are tasked with defending a large tower by building cannons and fighting against the Empire troops coming at you from the left and right. Just like the web version of the game, the iOS version allows you to drag cannons to either side of the tower or place them in the middle where they will reload, but not fire. There are new upgrade option for the various weapons like the machine gun, cannons, lightning coil and a lot more.

It should be noted that the web version of the game is free-to-play in case you don't want to shell out a buck for the iOS version.