Is Technology Creating A World Of Morons?

You did what !?!

Dependence on Technology. Who would have thought that people would abandon the basic need to know the simplest of things to get them through their daily life in favor of depending on technology to do it all for them.

I'm not knocking the advancements in technology as many wondrous things have been placed at our fingertips to help us try to manage the endless amount of information that we are confronted with on a daily basis. Getting the latest news, accessing medical journal information, watching instructional videos, and much more, has taken a lot of the pain out of finding the right information that we require.

It seems, however, that some people are trading the ease of technological device use for basic common sense.

Last Saturday I posted an article about a pirate radio station that was jamming car entry devices and that many people had to read the car's user manual to figure out how to use a key. If people no longer know how to use a manual key to enter a vehicle something is amiss.

Last year a news story about a car driving into a lake because the driver was blindly following their GPS directions was reported. I can understand that maybe you would take a wrong turn or maybe miss an exit on the highway, but drive into a lake? Perhaps the lake was not really noticeable ... other than the fact it's a large body of water and not a road. One story might be of little note, but there are several stories of people getting themselves into dangerous situation, and even dying, by blindly following what their GPS tells them.

Using a little less of an extreme example, let say that your cell phone gets destroyed for some odd reason (like dropping it into a cup of coffee, like mine). Do you have the really important numbers you may need to call memorized, or are you at a loss if your "contacts" are no longer available to you? Sure, you can sync the phone data to somewhere else, but what if you don't have access to it when you need it? What's next? A 911 number for lost contact lists?

If you lose power in your home, or a service utility becomes unavailable, do you have any sort of contingency plan for a few basics like heat, light or water? Perhaps water is not that critical as you can probably use your GPS to lead you into a lake.

Lighter thoughts and sarcasm aside, technology is an aid, not a replacement for what we need to know and do in our daily lives. Make sure you have all your bases covered in the event that technology fails you (which it eventually will) and stay safe so you can keep reading my insightful and irreverent Friday Night editorials.