Bioshock: Ultimate Rapture Edition Coming January 14th To North America

2K Games has announced that Bioshock: Ultimate Rapture Edition will be released to North America for both the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on January 14, 2013. The low cost bundle will be including the first two Bioshock titles plus additional content.

The Ultimate Rapture Edition bundle will also include the "Museum of Orphaned Concepts" which is a digital showcase of concept art and early character models that were not used in its final release. IT will also include a Bioshock Infinite sticker pack so you can cover your furniture, walls and pets to remind you of the upcoming game.

Additionally, the bundle will include DLC for both Bioshock and Bioshock 2:

  • Plasmids Pack (BioShock), which includes four additional Plasmids and Gene Tonics
  • Challenge Rooms Pack (BioShock), which was previously exclusive to PS3 owners and adds three more puzzle rooms
  • Sinclair Solutions Tester pack (BioShock 2), additional customization options for the game's multiplayer modes
  • Rapture Metro pack(BioShock 2), which adds six maps, a new gameplay mode and increases rank level to 50 for use in multiplayer modes
  • The Protector Trials pack(BioShock 2), an additional six maps for single-player mode
  • Minerva's Den pack (BioShock 2), an add-on that expands the narrative and introduces new characters and environments.

The bundle will be released internationally at a later date. Bioshock Infinite is set to release worldwide on March 26th for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Windows PC.