Upcoming Movie AI Voice Homage To Portal's GLaDOS

When the trailer for the upcoming movie, Pacific Rim, was released in December, there was a bit of a fuss as gamer's realized the voice of the movie's AI sounded a lot like GLaDOS from Valve's Portal game. They were right, the voice acting was done by Ellen McLain.

The director of the movie, Guillermo del Toro, stated, "I wanted very much to have her [do the voice] because I'm a big Portal fan. Del Toro met with Valve to get the rights to use the voice of GLaDOS for the AI in the movie. McLain's voice has been modified in the movie to be a bit different than in the Portal games as the AI in the movie is not quite the cake-obsessed antagonist we all know and love from Portal.

The movie is due in theaters on July 12, 2013 and revolves around monsters emerging from the ocean and fought against by soldiers who pilot mechs. Sounds like my kind of movie. Who cares about the plot if we get to see high-tech mechs (even if it is CG) blowing stuff up.