Cisco And NXP Invest To Make Driving Safer

Cisco and NXP have teamed up and announced that they are making a strategic investment in Cohda Wireless, a company which designs and builds hardware for wireless car-to-car and car-to-structure communications to help reduce vehicle accidents by making cars smarter.

The technology allows cars to communicate with each other, and also nearby infrastructure, so that drivers can be notified of potential problems. The vehicles would notify the driver of other vehicles travelling at high speed, cars that are out of control, traffic congestion and other issues that could result in an accident. Once notified, the driver could take the appropriate measures to attempt to avoid what could be a wreck waiting to happen.

"Driving is really one of the premier use cases where we will be able to experience the power of the Internet of everything," said Andreas Mai, director of product management for Cisco's smart connected vehicles unit. "This technology allows cars to communicate with each other and with infrastructure like traffic lights. Various test sets have proven that this could prevent 80% of crash scenarios."

The technology also does more that just notify. If the driver does not have sufficient notice to react, the vehicle will preemptively brake. Cohda has partnered with twelve manufacturers in Europe and the equipment is currently being tested in the United States.