Now, a Pair of Headphones that Streams Music Back to Your Stereo, Courtesy BeeWi

BeeWi's newly announced Ghost Bee is sure to wake up some old "In Soviet Russia" memes by being one of the few pairs of wireless headphones that can stream music back to stereos. A moderately sized pair of on-ear cans, the Ghose Bee features a panel with capacitive buttons that let you control music and phone calls. It features a 3.5 mm jack that can work both ways (receive input, or give output), and a micro-USB connector that, aside from letting it juice up, lets it plug into an included base-station, which lets you stream relay music from your smartphone to other stereo speakers. Slated for February, the Ghost Bee is expected to be priced at $180.

BeeWi, the leading European wireless accessory manufacturer, unveils at the Consumer Electronics Show 2013 (CES) its latest range of innovative wireless audio devices, including the revolutionary Ghost Bee, the ultimate headphone that lets users wirelessly connect any Bluetooth device (smartphones, tablets, PCs, Macs...) to any home theater speakers.

Ghost Bee's unique design and unmatched elegance is the world's only wireless/wired headphone with a touch panel on the surface of the ear piece, a docking station, and 3 modes in 1:

  • Wireless: connect to any Bluetooth device (supporting stereo music and hands-free communications)
  • Wired mode: enables to use Ghost Bee with any audio source
  • Hi-Fi docking station: listen to your music on your home theater speakers, while simultaneously charging the headphones, and switch automatically between the speakers and Ghost Bee

"With Ghost Bee, consumers have finally the freedom to stream their music and calls from any Bluetooth device (iOS, Android, Windows...) to wherever they like, their speakers or headphone, while making it easy, fun and affordable," explains Thierry Dechatre, the founder of BeeWi.

At CES, BeeWi is also introducing a range of hybrid Bluetooth stereo speakers and headphones with an integrated microphone, so you never miss a call, along with wireless and wired capabilities.

Blaster Bee is a rechargeable, compact-size, on-the-go stereo speaker that plays music wirelessly from any Bluetooth device and that can double as a hands-free speakerphone, with its built-in microphone. It has a touch panel on the top for easy access to all of its features (music, call management...) and an integrated stereo input jack for wired use.

Ground Bee is a retro style Bluetooth headphone that gives users the freedom of talk - through the built-in microphone - or tunes at the touch of a button. And with Ground Bee's wired option, users have not one, but 2 choices of how they want to hear their favorite tracks or talk. Ground Bee is lightweight and features 2 dynamic speakers, cushioned behind adjustable ear pads designed to reduce the risk of irritation when the headphones are worn for a long period of time. Ground Bee is available in a range of striking colors, including purple, pink, blue, red, white, chocolate and grey.

Voice Bee is the ultimate Bluetooth stereo headset for gaming with top-notch sound quality and an ergonomically design with comfortable foam cushion earpads and headband. Voice Bee is rechargeable and ideal for FaceTime, MSN, Skype and phone calls as well.

Wax Bee is a comfortable Bluetooth stereo headset with an adjustable headband, that lets listen to your music on the go, while never miss a call, thanks to its built-in microphone. Wax Bee is rechargeable and compatible with all Bluetooth enabled music and hands-free devices, and supports voice dial and redial functions.

BeeWi Audio Devices Pricing and Availability

  • Ghost Bee (BBH300): $179.99, Q1 2013
  • Blaster Bee (BBS305): $89.99, Q1 2013
  • Ground Bee (BBH120): $79.99, Q1 2013
  • Voice Bee (BBH105): $69.99, Q1 2013
  • Wax Bee (BBH100): $59.99, Q1 2013