NVIDIA "Project Shield" Detailed

Among others, such as Archos, NVIDIA realized the potential of powerful Android-driven handheld gaming consoles. At CES, it announced "Project Shield," a handheld gaming console featuring a 5-inch HD touchscreen (720p), a shape akin to PlayStation or Xbox game controllers, with a full D-pad, four action keys, triggers, and two analog thumb-sticks.

Its biggest selling point is what's driving it, the Tegra 4. The new SoC is capable of handling displays with resolutions of up to 2560 x 1600 pixels. NVIDIA took advantage of just that, and demonstrated its console with an LG 4K UHD TV connected over HDMI, to crowds at CES. Not much more is known about the device, except that it features a micro-SDHC slot in addition to some local-storage.

TegraZone is NVIDIA's preferred content-delivery system, with games that are guaranteed to run on the device, being distributed from it. The Blood Sword: Sword of Ruin demo shown by NVIDIA at CES is available there.

Pictures from NVIDIA Press Conference on the Backdrops of CES