Vodafone HTC One Max Arrives This Week In The UK For £600

Yesterday, we had reported that Vodafone will be the exclusive seller of HTC's first phablet and new device, the One Max. Featuring a beautiful 5.9-inch 1080p display and wrapped in the same overly good-looking body design (just like the HTC One), the One Max will go on sale in the UK within this week.

A couple more details have trickled out regarding the price of the HTC One Max. Vodafone will begin selling the device unlocked (no contract, for those who simply hate the shackles) for £600 starting this week. This price roughly translates to $950 for the 32 GB variant, which is simply too expensive for a mobile device. Here's hoping for a more sensible pricing, somewhere in the range of £450 instead. But people who love the premium design and build quality and have got the moolah will buy it regardless of the price.

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