Amazon Lists Nexus 5 Accessories, Available Starting October 30th

Head over to Amazon and you'll find that accessories for the unannounced Google Nexus 5 listed already. But the more interesting part is its availability date, which has been listed as 30th of October. Don't dismiss yesterday's reports related to Android 4.4 already, because it is very much likely that the next-generation Nexus gets announced on October 28th, only to be launched (available, on sale) on the 30th. Either way, people who have been feverishly waiting for the Nexus 5 won't have to wait beyond this month to place their orders (but might have to wait a bit before receiving it).

October 30 is going to be one exciting day, as reports suggest that Apple will launch the iPad Mini 2 and iPad 5 on the aforementioned date.