Sony Xperia 2H 2014 Flagship To Introduce Wireless Charging As A Standard?

While wireless charging has found its into Smartphones and tablets, it is yet to reach beyond a handful of products, i.e. it's reach is pretty limited as of now. Japanese phone maker Sony Mobile is hoping to change that by introducing Wireless Charging as a standard in 2014. The new rumor goes like this; the 2H 2014 flagship Smartphone by Sony (just one year after the Xperia Z1, so we're most likely looking at the Xperia Z3 here, if Sony continues with the naming scheme) will feature in-built wireless charging.

The word is that Sony has completed development of a new wireless charging technology which enables charging of mobile devices at a speed that is many times faster than the current charging rate. Another little detail is that this technology is based on the world renowned Qi wireless charging standard. To know more about Sony's new product, we'll have to wait until next year.