Google Glass APK Ripped Apart, Reveals Tons Of Planned Features

Android Police managed to get their hands dirty with an unreleased version of the Google Glass APK. Of course, the good folks who work there got down and dirty with the app file, doing what they do best. Ripping apart the APK and analyzing it brought about delightful news. But we'll let the official list to the talking.

  • Add a Calendar Event
  • Call Me a Car
  • Capture a Panorama
  • Check Me In
  • Create a 3D Model
  • Find a Recipe
  • Learn a Song
  • Play a Game
  • Play Music
  • Record a Recipe
  • Remind Me To...
  • Show a Compass
  • Start a Bike Ride
  • Start a Round of Golf
  • Start a Run
  • Start a Stopwatch
  • Start a Timer
  • Translate This
  • Tune an Instrument

These are just some of the commands and features which will be added to Google Glass via a software update in the future. Out of them, we are particularly interested in seeing how "Record a Recipe" and "Create a 3D Model" work. Additionally, the "Play Music" command is accompanied by a layout of music items, complete with details such as the name of the song and the artist as well as the album name, all standard stuff.

Lucky Google Glass (Explorer Kits) owners must me smirking in some dark corner of their minds while reading all of this.