Ubitus Announces Cloud Gaming Service For Google TV

In a press release put out today, the cloud gaming solutions provider Ubitus announced that they will be bringing console and Massively Multi-player Online games to peoples' homes via Google TV. The solution will be a play for service so players will get a library of games.

Featuring a low latency mode and with the availability of a broad range of controllers on the market, Ubitus hopes to capture its part of the pie of peoples' living room entertainment time. The service will allow users to play together with friends on different devices and social sharing ot the experience. The service will also be set up as "Pay for Service" so the users will get a whole library of games instead of paying for a particular product.

Ubitus will demonstrate their cloud gaming solution from January 8th through 10th during CES at their private suite in the Bellagio hotel in Las Vegas.

Ubitus Inc., the worldwide technology leader in cloud gaming solutions, announced it is bringing console and MMO games to Google TV with low latency mode and broad range of gaming controller devices in the market.

TV is always the center of entertainment at home. As bandwidth quality keeps improving, it is foreseen there are tremendous opportunities to satisfy consumers' demand beyond existing TV/movie streaming services. By deeply optimizing for the Google TV platform to achieve low latency cloud gaming mode, Ubitus can enable OEMs to offer over-the-top (OTT) cloud gaming services to their customers at ease and timely.

Going forward, any Smart TVs and Set-top-boxes running on the combined solution will allow end users to access cloud gaming services with a single click of button. There are multiple benefits to end users:

  • Instant convenience - Pay for the service, not product: Instant access to rich library of AAA and MMO titles on big TV screens without buying them all at once;
  • Enjoyment - Game with friends, not computer: connect with friends from multiple locations with different devices to play the same game. This brings far more fun and convenience than previous scenario where all of the players must be using PCs with high CPU & GPU in order to connect to each other and enjoy the same game.
  • Social sharing - Share your joy, not being alone: instant share your gameplay session with your networks and have fun together.

"Google TV is an ideal platform for cloud gaming and we have tackled the obstacles to achieving low latency streaming game experience with multi gaming controller devices support on Google TV," said Wesley Kuo , CEO of Ubitus. "This brings tremendous benefits to consumers, particularly with the increasing adoption of Smart TVs and new generation of Set-top-boxes in every consumer's home."

Ubitus will do live demonstrations of its cloud gaming solution on Google TV platform during CES in its private suite at Bellagio Hotel from Jan 8 - 10, 2013.