Steam Box Confirmed to be Linux-Based

It was only natural that Valve's much talked about Steam Box gaming console, which touts a PC experience for the living room, be based on Linux, following Gabe Newell's outburst on how Windows 8 could fail PC gaming.

Valve's hardware and electronics engineer Ben Krasnow, who hosted a talk at a conference held last December, stated that the coming few years could see the company revealing quite a few things, including a game console/PC fusion that's based on Linux, which perfectly explains Valve's keen (and unexpected) interest in the operating system that's greatly neglected and under-appreciated by PC users. In addition, Krasnow stated "the hardware lab has some secret projects that will be released in 2013. We have a good group of electronic- and mechanics-engineers and we are glad to build some really cool things."

German tech publication speculated the arrival (at least an unveiling) of Steam Box as early as by the 2013 Game Developers' Conference (GDC), held in March, giving Valve the benefit of launching a game console before market heavyweights Sony and Microsoft launch their next-generation consoles.