Content Expansion Coming To Lineage 2 This Year

NCSoft has announced that the next content expansion for their MMO Lineage II, titled Valiance, is in the works and will be released later this year. The update will include an updated zone, a revamped skill system and more skills, an abilities system and addition raid bosses.

Here are a few of the highlights to expect in the content update:

  • Updated Zone - Hellbound returns with upgraded areas and new hunting parties
  • Skill System - Along with more than 25 new skills added to the game, players will find that a large number of skills have been improved and/or modified. Along with that, the entire Skill System has undergone a major overhaul
  • Abilities - New to Lineage II, an abilities system allows players customize their skills, making them more powerful and effective
  • Returning Raid Bosses - Some popular bosses from Lineage II's past will return to the world of Aden

The game is currently celebrating its 10th anniversary in Korea, and is in the middle of its 9th year in North America. The game is free-to-play since they dropped the subscription requirement back near the end of 2011.