Star Citizen Exceeds $23,000,000 In Crowd Funding

We previously reported that Star Citizen had raked in another million in four days. This time it took five days, but the crowd funding effort has now pulled in over $23,000,000 for the game. The Xi'an ship is unlocked, next up is the transportation system. They are currently sitting at a little over $23,180,000 and are about 18% of the way to $24 million.

The transportation system will unlock at $24,000,000, and it's being reported (although it's not on their funding goals website page) that when they hit $25,000,000 they will offer an enhanced alpha and that the studio will be able to invest in a wider infrastructure for early testing. This will also allow them to add more alpha slots for testing purposes.

The game is still slated for a 2014 release, but no specific date has been announced.