Check Up On Your Eve Online Characters While On The Go

If you are a hardcore Eve Online player or just like to keep up with in-game character information while you are away from your computer, we'd like to let you know there is a free app on Google Play called Aura that allows you to do so using your Android devices.

Aura allows players to track their characters no matter where they go. Players can see what skills they are training, what skills they have, check up on market orders, create a skill plan for themselves, read mails, and more. It also features a feed reader for news and podcasts.

The app was created by a software engineer who just happens to be an avid fan of Eve Online, and has gotten rave reviews from other Eve Online players. Interestingly, he has a little blurb on the Google Play page stating you can make donations to him using ISK, the Eve Online in-game currency.