CCP Offering Freebies To Players Who Return To Dust 514

If you were a previous player of the free-to-play, PlayStation 3 exclusive game that ties into the Eve Online universe, Dust 514, CCP wants you back! They have made many improvements to the game and are offering up free jumpsuits to players who return to the game.

The improvements that they have made to the game include:

  • Rebalanced dropsuits, weapons, and modules.
  • Improved aiming and control.
  • Reworked vehicles.
  • Several new maps.
  • Improved matchmaking.

To sweeten the pot they are also giving returning players 100 copies of the Black Eagles Scout Dropsuits and 100 copies of the Quafe Scout Dropsuit. They also wanted to remind you that even if you have not been playing, you have been racking up passive skill points the entire time.

It should be noted that the gift of the 200 free dropsuits is only for players whose accounts have been inactive for 60 days or more.