Myst, Riven Creators Working On New Myst-Like Game, Launch Kickstarter

Cyan, the creators of the two hit adventure games Myst and Riven, have decided that after 20 years the time is ripe for a game in a similar vein and have launched a Kickstarter campaign for a new, real-time adventure game called Obduction for players to explore.

Myst was originally released back in September of 1993 for the Mac OS, and was a commercial success and was praised by critics for its immersion. The PC version of the game held the title of the best selling game through the 1990s, until The Sims came along and beat its sales in 2002. In 1997 the company released the sequel to the game called Riven.

The new game, Obduction, will not be a sequel to the game, but a completely new story where players will see themselves abducted to an alien planet where they will have to figure out where they are and what is going on there. The Kickstarter goal is set for $1.1 million and has currently garnered over $430,000 in backer support.