GTA V PC Version Petition Marching On, Competition Stalls

We have reported several times on the progress of the online petition to convince Rockstar to make the game for the PC. The petition has now gathered over 610,000 signatures and continues to grow although at a slower rate. Their competition is not doing so well.

While it's no surprise that people who prefer the PC platform over other options would like to see Rockstar release a version for the PC, it's extremely likely that it will happen anyway. Given the huge sales numbers that the publisher and developer has seen for the consoles it would seem rather remiss on their part not to cash in on the PC market for such a popular game.

Conversely, the quite humorous petition "Don't make a PC version of GTA V", to teach PC gamers to stop pirating games, is not doing so well. They have only chalked up a little over 11,000 signatures.