Chromecast Apps Now Available Beyond US Borders

Google Chromecast is one cool device. Capable of turning your regular HDTV into a thrice-expensive Smart TV, this $35 is the gadget to have if you just love streaming content to your living room. And to top off the price, the device comes in pen drive dimensions (it's light, compact and cheap).

While Amazon had begun shipping Chromecast to countries outside of the US for a short period, the retailer abruptly stopped doing so, most likely after Google's intervention. But the removal of restrictions for installing Chromecast apps (which can now be installed in the UK, Canada) onto your smart devices means that Google is indeed looking to launch the product across the globe, or at least a few more markets than just the US.

The official announcement may come alongside Android 4.4 KitKat and the Nexus 5 later this month. Stay tuned for more coverage on the same.