Google uProxy Is A Browser Extension To Avoid Internet Censorship

Google has been very active lately, with a slew of new products planned for the immediate future as well as a ton of them being revealed over the past couple of weeks. Today, at the Ideas Summit, New York, Google announced the existence of a new browser extension for Chrome as well as Mozilla's Firefox. Dubbed uProxy, this nifty plug-in can bypass restricted firewalls to gain access to open, restriction free internet. Take the example of Egypt, where the government had imposed a blanket ban on internet access. At such times, uProxy can literally save lives. The plug-in will simply route your traffic via a friend from, say the UK or the US (any region where restrictions are not in place) and allow you complete access to the whole wide web. The Mountain View company is working very hard to make the internet space less restricted, with an agenda to free the public residing in regions ridden by social issues. Know anybody who could really use uProxy to their benefit? Direct them to the sign-up page, the link for which has been posted below.

Google uProxy