Lawless In Development For iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch

Tokyo based developer DeNA has revealed that they are working on a "photorealistic arcade style shooter" game called Lawless for the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. Players can pre-register for the game right now and will get an exclusive Glock weapon in the game.

The game is set in 1990s Los Angeles, will have players taking on the role of professional criminals and battling it out as they work their way up the ladder of the criminal underworld. Areas in the game are modeled after real world locations and will include missions such as bank robberies, assassinations assignments and gang shoot-outs.

The game is being cooperatively developed by DeNA and EightPixelSquare, the developers behind Dead Space: Extraction. Check out the trailer below and jump to the source link if you want to pre-register to get more information (and a pair of Glock 17s for dual-wielding) when it is available.