Shape Jam Coming To iOS, Android October 31st

Since we know that all of you mobile device users cant resist playing little time waster games while on the go, we want to let you know that Jam Labs, an independent developer comprised of MIT graduates, is releasing Shape Jam for iOS and Android on October 31st.

The game will be available as a free download and challenges players to perform tile matching in what they call a "deeper and more cerebral" way than the average match 3 games. The game has you matching tiles that are either all the same or all different in 60 second gameplay matches.

There will also be a premium version of the game that you can pick up for $1.99 that iwll include leaderboards, game statistic and a single player practice mode. The game will be available on Apple's App Store and Google Play this coming October 31st and they have a gameplay trailer for you to checkout.