Pilot Brothers 2 Available For Kindle Fire

You don't hear a lot of news on games being released for Kindle devices, so we want all you Kindle Fire owners to know that G5 Entertainment and 1C Wireless have launched a sequel of their interactive puzzle adventure called Pilot Brothers 2 today on the Amazon Store.

The game sees the cat, that's owned by the pair of detectives, named Arsenic, kidnapped by the experimental Chef Sumo. It's your job to track down the cat before he is "served with French Fries" by the chef.

The key features of the game are a variety of stimulating settings, a bunch of fast paced mini games and a whimsical storyline and characters.

The game is available on the Amazon App Store for the Kindle Fire and is priced at $1.99 today and tomorrow and will return to its $2.99 price after that. The game is also available for the iPad, iPhone and Android devices.