BBQ Frenzy Fired Up On App Store For iOS Devices

Is is getting cold where you live? Miss heading out to the grill to put large slabs of your favorite animal flesh on the fire? Well now you can do it virtually right from your iOS device as AMA has brought the game BBQ Frenzy to the Apple Apple Store and it's free.

The game challenges player, who are BBQ fans, to cooking of food on a grill as fast as possible to placate your guests ravenous appetite. There are thirty different food combinations that you have to cook in various environments, such as in a park, in the suburbs and Western, while at the same time trying to prevent you well manage preparation of the food from being upset by friends nabbing the food off of the grill before it's done.

Their trailer says available for Android (which it is), but you can hit the source link to get the iOS version.