Panasonic Unveils First Tablet with 4K Resolution


Panasonic dropped a bombshell on the 2013 International CES show-floor by unveiling what it claims to be the world's first tablet featuring 4K Ultra-HD display resolution (3840 x 2160 pixels), trouncing every established tablet display resolution standard, be it Apple's Retina Display, or the ubiquitous 1080p.

Unfortunately, the said tablet isn't exactly built for your college bag, as it measures 20-inches diagonally. Yet reporters attending the Panasonic event commented that the display looked surreal, as if the presenter who was meters away, was holding a photograph that's as clear as if it's being hand-held. 3840 x 2160 still gives the tablet a formidable pixel density that beats anything out there, hands-down.

Even if not a product consumers at large will be holding any time soon, it's yet another insult to PC monitor makers that still have the audacity of charging $500 for 27-inch monitors with 1080p.