Google Providing Free Cloud Storage To HTC One, One Mini, One Max Owners

If you happen to own any of HTC's most premium 2013 phones, here's a goodie for you. HTC and Google have teamed up to provide 50 GB of free cloud storage. The promotional offer is available only to the owners of the HTC One, HTC One Mini and HTC One Max. 50 GB of free cloud storage on Google Drive is a lot, and you will most likely not run out of it. Also, note that HTC One and One Mini owners only get half of what is on the plates for the One Max, i.e. 25 GB of free storage. Nevertheless, it should be more than enough to store all your memories in the cloud. You must be wondering as to how Google would profit from providing free storage. Well, when you are completely dependent on Google Drive with all your personal data, and the two-year validity has nearly expired, you will simply renew the subscription by paying out of your wallet instead of moving to another service, for the sake of convenience. And that, is how Google will make money in the long term.

A word to Android enthusiasts, the offer is not valid unless your device has been updated to the latest Sense 5.5 software. Also, unlocking the bootloader automatically voids your warranty as well as claim to any freebies.

Which HTC Android devices are eligible for additional storage on Google Drive?

  • HTC One max (+50GB for two years)
  • When upgrade to HTC Sense 5+ becomes available on certain 2013 HTC models, including HTC One (+25GB for two years)
    • Excludes HTC One Developer Edition (due to unlocked bootloader)