The Wolf Among Us Coming To iOS And PS Vita

Telltale's new title, The Wolf Among Us, is set on dark 'The Fables' universe. Rich in inverted colors, the first episode surprised us all with its complex narrative, intriguing story and engaging gameplay (we loved it, absolutely). And now, the developers behind the amazing 'The Walking Dead' game series is all set to launch the first episode of 'The Wolf Among Us' on iOS and PlayStation Vita this fall. We expect the game to cost just as much as it does on Xbox Live Arcade, PlayStation Network or Steam, which is just $4.99.

More on 'The Fables' universe:

"The 'FABLES' universe is full of some of the darkest, richest, and most complex characters in modern fiction," said Dan Connors, CEO and Co-Founder of Telltale Games. "The season premiere of 'The Wolf Among Us' builds upon our approach to creating dramatic interactive storytelling for a truly mature audience of players, where the choices and often grim consequences of their actions will become a part of their game throughout the entire season in the months ahead."