Update Brings Sony Xperia Z1 Camera One Step Closer To Perfection

When the first wave of Sony Xperia Z1 units hit shelves, consumers were quick to get their hands on Sony's latest and greatest, expecting a brilliant phone sporting an equally brilliant 20.7 megapixel Sony G lens camera. What followed was utter disappointment as the camera on the Xperia Z1 produced washed out colors, noisy images and dull lighting despite the images being shot under brightly lit conditions. It was plenty apparent that the fault lies with the software and not the hardware. Last week, Sony began seeding a massive system software update which promised to improve camera performance, and so it has.

A Dutch Xperia Z1 owner provided comparison shots of photographs clicked before and after the update, and the amazing improvement in quality and clarity is undeniable. However, even now, the Superior Auto mode leaves much to be desired. Perhaps another software update of a similar nature would finally elevate the camera of the Z1 to the level that it was originally born to perform at. Until then, Manual settings are your new best friend.