Contagion Now Available On Steam Early Access

We previously reported that Monochome had a successful Kickstarter campaign for its game Contagion. The campaign ended up netting them over $87,000 (the original goal was $50,000) and they have now dropped the game onto Steam Early Access in a beta state.

The game is a cooperative horror survival first person shooter that is touted as the spiritual successor to the popular Half-Life 2 mod "Zombie Panic: Source". It's built on the latest version of the Source engine and has players trying to keep from being overrun by hordes of zombies.

The developers note that, "Contagion is still in Beta but that in no way means unplayable. The game receives daily updates that may not be noticeable at first glance with new code, scripting, and balancing to all new content. Be sure to keep an eye on our changelog as we move forward to a proper release."

You can hop over to the Steam page at the source link to take a look. The game is available only for Windows PC at this point.