Dungeon Dashers Debuts On Steam Early Access

After being voted in on Steam's Greenlight by the community, Dungeon Dashers is now making its debut on Steam in the Early Access program. It's a turn based dungeon crawler that is modeled similar to a tabletop board game, and involves lots of loot grabbing.

Players navigate through the dungeons fighting monsters, smashing boxes and looting chests in their goal to accumulate booty that can be used to buy consumables to boost abilities or to craft upgrades for their gear.

Here are the game's current features;

  • Tactical and diverse combat mechanics
  • Epic dragon boss battle and over 15 enemy types to face (many more bosses to come, and more enemy types)
  • Custom loadouts for each class based on loot found in dungeons
  • 13 unique player skills (30 skills planned)
  • 11 levels spread out across 5 environments (40 levels planned)
  • More than 15 unlockable pieces of unique equipment including swords and armour (30+ pieces planned)
  • Level editor with user campaign creation support
  • Original full-length chiptune soundtrack composed by Nathan "Derris-Kharlan" Antony
  • Compelling narrative and character dialogue spanning the entire campaign

You can check out the Steam page at the source link to see what they have planned for the game and also pick it up to help with the testing phase.