Zombies!Zombies!Zombies! HD Now Available For iPad

In more zombie related news (it is almost Halloween after all), Big Fish has announced that the zombie survival game Zombie!ZombieZombie! HD, or Zx3 for short, is now available free worldwide for iPad owners. It's an interesting take on a match 3 puzzle game.

In the game you will be leading a team of survivors though zombie infested areas in order to get to a safe zone. What's unique is that in order to take out the zombies, players will be required to select 3 of the same type of zombies from within the waves that are charging. When selected, the game forms a triangle and lays waste to all of the zombies within it. The bigger the triangle the more zombies that will die a gruesome death.

The game features two gameplay modes; the first is to lead the survivors through the over 100 levels and out to the safety zone, and the second is a "Survival Mode" in which you face never ending waves of undead in order to achieve a high score.