Mojang Has No Sympathy For Minecraft Pirates

Seems that when it comes to pirated versions of the Minecraft launcher, the team over at Mojang is taking a hard stance on exactly how they are going to deal with it. Basically they are going to do nothing and want people who use them to stop complaining.

In a recent tweet, one of Minecraft's developers stated what should be obvious to everyone;

Obviously he meant to type "no sound" in the tweet, as "so sound" doesn't make a whole lot of sense to anyone. There was a follow-up tweet that a twitterette (is that a word?) posted that seems to indicate that even some people with legit versions have seen problems with sound. In the tweet she states, "Yeah uh, i've bought mincraft like 5 times during the past four years and somehow, the MC i run (legit) has no sounds.."

We'll let you know it the fine folks over a Mojang have any further comments on the situation.