CD Projekt Red Celebrates 6 Years Of Geralt, Amazon Posts Witcher III Release Date

CD Projekt Red is celebrating that Geralt is six years old. What they mean is that it has been six years since he has stepped out into the gaming limelight with the release of the first Witcher game. They created an infographic with statistics on the franchise too.

The Witcher game franchise has, so far, sold six million game copies and it doesn't look to be slowing down. The upcoming game Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt does not have an official release date from the developer at this time, but Amazon has a pre-order page that states the game will be dropping on September 30th of next year (2014).

Here's the infrographic so you can check out some of the statistics that the franchise has seen so far ...

.. and here's a trailer for your viewing pleasure.