Apple Wins Rubberband Effect Patent Suit Against Samsung in the Netherlands

The latest round of chum-flinging between Apple and Samsung in the patent fishmarket that is called Earth, sees the latter lose a patent infringement case about something important a UI element called "rubberband effect," in the Netherlands. No injunctions were granted.

Among everything else, Apple alleges that several Samsung smartphones infringe its patent covering rubberband effect, a UI animation which hints that a user has come to the end/edge of a zoomed in picture, a list, a menu, or a webpage that's being scrolled up/down/sideways.

The Samsung phones in question use older versions of Android, such as 2.2 "Froyo" and 2.3 "Gingerbread." Android versions 4 and above replace the effect with a cool blue glow at the edge of the scrolled object.

The Dutch court did not allow serious punitive action such as injunctions, but instead granted Samsung eight weeks to remove the rubberband effect UI element from its phones by means of a software update. Should Samsung fail to live up to that, it has to dole out a whopping 100,000€ in fines.