Galaxy S5 To Be The First Smartphone With 4 GB Of RAM?

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is officially a trending topic now. With new rumors pouring out almost every other day, this one's perhaps one of the more interesting new rumor. According to a South Korean IT publication, Samsung's next flagship will feature 4 GB of RAM (and no, the Ubuntu Edge does not count as it ended as a failed project, and nothing more). If this turns out to be true, the Galaxy S5 will go down in history to be the first 64-bit Smartphone with enough RAM to warrant a 64-bit chip. To the uninitiated, 32-bit processors can address a maximum of 4 GB of memory (graphics RAM, system RAM all combined). Thus, moving to a 64-bit Exynos 6 Octa would remove this restriction. While Apple is the first to use a 64-bit chip, their devices pack only 1 GB of RAM, making us question the gimmick even more.

If we go with the latest word, the new Galaxy S5 will make its first public appearance in January, 2014.