Nuance Introduces Wintermute Project At CES

Nuance, the Massachusetts based company best known for its "Dragon" voice recognition technology, introduced their project code named "Wintermute" at CES. The cross-platform, cloud based system allows continuous communication from all your personal devices.

In the demonstration, a smartphone device was used to ask for the score of a football game. Shortly after, a Dragon-TV enabled television was given the command to simply "Put on the game", without indicating what game or teams were involved. The television then began playing the game by accessing the previous query from the smartphone. This type of cross-platform communication allows a person to pick up where they left off using any of their connected devices.

In a survey, Nuance found that the top uses for personal assistants were driving directions (84%), weather (72%) and restaurant recommendations (61%). The survey also showed that 80% of people would want their personal assistant data and queries to follow them across all of their devices including phones, tablets, television, and more.