Hawken: Invasion Patch Adds More Content

Last month, the free-to-play mech first person shooter, Hawken, received a large update to the game called the Ascension update. Meteor Entertainment and Adhesive Games have announced that they have released more content including a new mech and game mode.

The new mech is called the "Predator", and is a medium sized mech which is exceptionally good at ambushes. It has "Stalker" ability which allows it to be almost invisible and a form of heat vision to detect other mechs through walls.

The new mode is called, "Co-op Bot Destruction", and allows players to team up in a fight for survival. Players will be facing off against waves of artificial intelligence drones and bot mechs, with boss fights occasionally thrown in the mix to keep the action going.

In addition to the two new main features, the content also includes new repair drones, thruster design, three skins and three camo colors.

The new content update is called the Hawken: Invasion patch, and you can check out the video below.