GTA V Beats GTA IV's Lifetime Sales In Just Six Weeks

In a recent report issued by Take-Two Interactive on their fiscal second quarter financials, the company has stated that the sales of Grand Theft Auto V had hit nearly 29 million units in six weeks, which is more than the lifetime sales of Grand Theft Auto IV. It should be noted that the 29 million units are what "sold-in" (shipped), but the "sold-through" (sold to consumers) number is probably not very far behind.

The title, which was launched worldwide for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 has received over 160 perfect review scores, and they believe it to be the fastest selling entertainment release is history. The game had grossed over $800,000,000 in retail sales in the first 24 hours, and had crossed the one billion dollar mark in just three days. The game is also the biggest release ever on the PlayStation Network platform, and additionally, the highest grossing one day and one week release in the history of Xbox Live.