Crash Drive 2 Heading To Mobile, Web In November

M2H Game Studio, the talent behind Crash Drive 1, has revealed that the game will be getting a sequel, aptly titled Crash Drive 2, this coming November for mobile and web. This time they will be include a multiplayer sandbox racing experience in the game.

What makes Crash Drive 2 stand out is the fact that this game does not force you to do anything, instead it merely invites you to be entertained. This freedom is the very foundation of the game. M2H did not forget that the majority of the players still need to have some goals presented to them, that's why there's the random event system which spawns random events in which all players will compete.

The multiplayer portion of the game will be cross platform so that people on Mac, Linux, Windows, iOS, Android and the web will be able to compete against each other. The mobile and web versions will launch in November, and they are currently running a Steam Greenlight campaign for distribution on the PC, Linux and Mac platforms