Forsaken World Expansion Coming In November

The free-to-play massively muliplayer online role playing game, Forsaken World, will be getting its latest expansion, called Forsaken World: Dysil's Wrath, sometime this coming November, as was just announced by Perfect World Entertainment. New content on the way.

The newest expansion will have players battling it out in cross-server player vs. player, will include three new raid bosses, allow players to earn high level gear in a new arena section, construct guild buildings and more.

"A lot of hard work and effort has gone into this latest expansion, so it's with great pleasure to let our players know Dysil's Wrath is coming soon," said Perfect World Entertainment Senior Product Manager, Mark Hill. "There are so many great features we're including in this latest expansion. Along with a new arena season, and new raid bosses; all new fashion items, mounts, and pets have been added. These are just a few of the many updates we're including in this latest expansion. Dysil's Wrath gives both new and current players something to look forward to."

You can check out the game's website at the source link, and here is a cinematic trailer from a couple of years ago.