Apple iPad Air Gets Benchmarked, Leagues Ahead Of The iPad 4

Reputed review website AnandTech put Apple's new iPad Air through their test bench, and the new 9.7-inch tablet shined brightly (we had to cover our eyes) in each and every test thrown at it (except one or two odd tests, where it actually came out slower than yesteryear's iPad 4). The Apple A7 SoC turned out to be more powerful than Anand had initially thought it was. Also, it was observed that both the iPhone 5S and iPad Air (perhaps the iPad Mini 2 as well) share the exact same silicon. The last time this happened was back in the days of the iPad 2. The basic CPU and GPU core and clock frequency configuration is identical, with greater performance numbers coming out of the iPad Air thanks to a much higher thermal headroom.

One of the biggest changes to the CPU is the processor issue width, which has been doubled over previous generation Apple Swift cores (6, which is much more than Qualcomm's Krait 400 or ARM Cortex A15). The GPU is PowerVR's Series 6 G6430, which nearly doubles performance across the board when compared to the PowerVR SGX554 MP4 in the iPad 4.

Check out the complete review of the iPad Air and Apple's new A7 SoC (and the advancements made) by following the source link posted below.