Facebook Updates Timeline Profile Design

Facebook has begun trialling a new timeline design that brought users' profile back into one column layout. However, only users in New Zealand can experience new timeline redesign. Back in October last year, Facebook confirmed that is testing this redesign on a fraction of users. It seems that a redesign nearing the end, though there are no details when the new timeline will appear to everyone.

Changes with the new timeline design according to Chicago Tribune:

  • Your posts will appear in a single wide column on the left side as opposed to being randomly split into two columns
  • The boxes near the top below your cover image will be replaced with a simpler, tabbed design
  • The new "collections manager" lets you drag to reorder your collections, so you can put maps and friends where you want them. You also can move things around in the right-hand column
  • In a nod to Twitter, your subscribers, the people who subscribe to your public updates, are now called followers. Subscribers/followers are different than friends, and no changes to friends are apparent at this time
  • And in another nod to Twitter, your name appears in white over the bottom of your cover photo. Basic info, including your location and job, are now located on the right side of your profile photo instead of below. So depending on the kind of image you have, the white type could prove difficult to read