Microsoft Announces November's Free "Games With Gold" Titles

It's the first of the month again, and right on schedule Microsoft has announced this month's free games for Xbox Live Gold members. The titles this month are "A World of Keflings" (available starting today) and "Iron Brigade" (available on November 16th).

First up this month, A World of Keflings, is a giant kingdom building adventure where players journey to different lands and help their tiny Kefling friends harvest resource to create and customize their cities with things like fountains, castles, workshops and more. You can also do things like complete quests, build a robot, make friends with a dragon and a lot of other stuff in this cute little simulation.

If cute little adventures aren't you thing, just wait until November 16th rolls around when you will be able to nab Iron Brigade, which has you protecting humanity in a tower defense shooter. We'll give you more details on the game when it's up fro grabs.

As always with their "Games with Gold" promotion, the games are completely free for Xbox Live Gold members and are "their's to keep" for as long as they like. The promotion was originally planned to end come December 31st, but Microsoft decided to make it an ongoing perk for Gold members indefinitely.