Google+ Adds Pan And Zoom For Hi-Res Images

In a recent blog post, Google programmer Dave Cohen announced that Google+ has added a feature that allows pan and zoom to high resolution images uploaded to photo albums. The new features allow users to view the images in greater detail especially with panoramic views.

The current crop of digital cameras allow photographers to take digital images at ever increasing resolutions. The problem is that most websites cap the size of the images or resize them automatically when placed on the internet.

The new features in Google+ will allow people viewing your high-res images to better appreciate the details of the image as they explore your photograph. I think that there may be a limit of 50 megapixels for an individual image, but there are not many people whose camera can take that kind of resolution pictures unless they are creating panoramic views.

If you have a camera that will do very high resolution images, post them up on Google+ and drop us a link so we can see how well the new features work.