BlackBerry Porsche P'9882 Visits The FCC

We've been hearing about it for a while, but now it's pretty much confirmed that the BlackBerry Porsche P'9882 is making its way into the US market (thanks to the FCC). Sporting a luxurious design by Porsche, the newest Blackberry device sports AT&T ready LTE and will be announced within the next few weeks itself. The device itself will be made out of aluminium and leather, and is otherwise nothing but a regular BlackBerry Z10 (which was the company's first flagship under the BlackBerry 10 platform). At the end of the day, it all boils down to whether anybody would be willing to shell out nearly $2000 to buy a Porsche BlackBerry phone. Sure some guys would, but they can always go for a real gold iPhone instead by paying a little bit more (for those guys, this is peanuts anyways).