Frack; Is It Safe?

For those that do not know exactly what Fracking is; it is a form of pulling oil out of shale's in the earth. There is a large controversy over fracking; does it contaminate the water supply? Is fracturing shale in the earth safe? These are just some of the concerns.

To frack for oil is to pump water into the shale rocks to create a crack in the shale rock and thus release oils from the earth. The problem is, there is question as to whether this is safe to the earths water supply. At the moment there is no easy way to prove or dis-prove this concern. However Andrew Revkin over at Dot Earth tells about BaseTrace, a simple product that actually uses tiny amounts of DNA that would be used in the water that the oil companies use to frack for oil. It is said that it would even allow for a unique DNA to be used for each company fracking. This would allow chemists to test the water supply for any traces of the unique DNA to see if in fact the water is contaminated. Not only would it show if the water is contaminated or not, but it would also show exactly which oil company did the fracking should the water be contaminated.

This method would finally help to determine if and how much damage fracking does to the water supply surrounding the area being fracked.

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