Google Chrome Gets Reset Button To Undo Browser Hijacking

In a recent post on their Chrome Blog, Vice President Linus Upson has revealed that the latest update to their Chrome web browser will include a reset button in the advanced settings to undo any changes that have been made to the browser's settings by malware.

They state that, "Malicious programs disguise themselves so you won't know they're there and they may change your homepage or inject ads into the sites you browse. Worse, they block your ability to change your settings back and make themselves hard to uninstall, keeping you trapped in an undesired state."

You can get to the reset button by going into settings, and then click on "advanced settings" and scroll down until you see it. Clicking the button will return your browser to it's "factory-fresh" state. They also state that in the current Canary build of Chrome, malware is automatically blocked if it is found. This is in addition to all of the websites that are blocked with Safe Browsing.